Magnetic Full Year Calendar Kits

Track Up To 44 Events Per Year!
52 Weeks At A Glance
Make Changes Instantly With Magnets
Set Up Your Own Coding System


Kit No. WW451 $679.00

Display Projects & Events For A Full Year, On A Week-By-Week Basis. List your projects or events down the left side of the board on colorful Write-On/Wipe-Off Magnets, then place a Magnetic symbol under the appropriate date. Magnetic Dates Allow You To Start Your Calendar At Any Point In Time, On Any Day Of The Week.

These weekly planners can show Project Status, Periodic Maintenance, Production Deadlines, Travel Schedules, Reservations, Due Dates, Meeting Schedules, Inspections, etc..... communicate your schedule to those who need to know. Avoid lengthy planning meetings by displaying deadlines in advance, in a prominent location - Everyone Knows The Schedule At A Glance! Write-On Magnetic Symbols are provided in 3 shapes and 12 colors. You can set up your own coding system based on shape & color. Write-On Symbols allow you to post exact dates under the appropriate week. You can plan and track up to 44 events through 52 weekly stages.

Communicate your important dates and deadlines to those who need to know. Choose your system based on the maximum number of projects or events you need to show.

Each kit comes with the following items: a framed Magnetic Board, bold-lined to show 13 week quarters, Magnetic Month & Date Headings, 7/8" x 6" Write-On Magnets for event listings, assorted Magnetic Write-On Symbols in 3 shapes & 12 colors, Wet-Erase Magnet Marking Pens, Adhesive Lettering Sets for making custom headings and nameplates.

Board Size
No. Of
7/8" x 6"
1" Symbols
Date &
Wet-Erase Marking
Kit Price
WW251 2’ x 5’ 20 30 300 YES 2 $409.00
WW351 3’ x 5’ 32 40 400 YES 2 $499.00
WW451 4’ x 5’ 44 60 600 YES 2 $679.00

Note: Magnetic Boards come pre-lined for your system and include complete sets of Magnetic Dates & Months. 7/8" x 6" Write-On Event Magnets are supplied in 6 assorted colors. Plastic Lettering Sets are included for making professional looking titles.


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