Free-Standing Reversible Writing Board

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Reversible Porcelain
White Dry-Erase Surface
Accepts Magnetic
Made from Heavy-
Duty Satin-Anodized
Units Revolve
Complete with
Locking Casters

How it works:

These freestanding boards give you the use of 2 boards for your presentations while only occupying the space of one panel. Post your information on one side, then simply unlock the locking mechanism on the sides of the panel and revolve the panel to reveal the panel on the other side.

Use the dry-erase markers for posting information directly on the porcelain surface. Apply our PLT101 Charting Tape to create columns and rows as needed. Choose from a variety of Magnetic Accessories to enhance your presentations.

This board is set on casters so you have the option of setting-up the board in one area, then rolling the board to the area the information needs to be displayed. Once the board is placed in the desired location, lock the 2 locking casters to prevent the board from moving. This freestanding board is also great for those areas that have no available wall space for mounting presentation panels or in areas where mounting presentation panels is prohibited.

Free-Standing White Boards are ideal for numerous different applications. These Boards are great for Training Sessions, Conference Rooms, Sales Meetings, or in Production Areas.

Reversible Writing Board on Casters. Kit No. RR46. $799.00.

These units are constructed of heavy gauge aluminum with satin-anodized finish. Units Revolve horizontally and have a locking device which allows for easy posting of information. Full- Length Chalktray is included.

Free-Standing Boards are constructed of Genuine Porcelain Finish. These porcelain boards are made of the highest quality and will last for years of service. These boards will accept any dry-erase marker and any magnetic supplies.                                                    

This unit requires some assembly when received.
3' x 4'
Plain/Plain  RR34 3’ x 4’ $225.00
Plain/Plain RR46 4’ x 6’ $250.00


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