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Magentic IN-OUT Personnel control Kits
Locate Key Staff Members Quickly

Kit No. IO-2 Capacity for up to 40 names $309.00 Complete.

Your Receptionist or Group Will Know At-A-Glance Where Staff Members Are And When They’ll Return.
HOW IT WORKS: Personnel names are printed on the 1"x3” Card Inserts and placed in the 1” x 3” Magnetic Cardholders. They provide plenty of room for key information like cell phone. There’s even room for speed dialing codes, so the operator can place calls to personnel directly, or set up conference calls quickly.
Posting takes only a second, and can be done by either staffers or the operator. Brightly colored Magnetic Discs show In-Out status at a glance, and also Return Time. There’s also a column for notes and remarks if needed. List names alphabetically for faster locating. No more missed connections - great for sales or service staff. Use Magnetic Cardholders for personnel information and Write-On Magnets for notes. Each kit comes complete and ready to set up in minutes.

H x W
IO-1 24" x 18" 20 Names $199.00
IO-2 24" x 36" 40 Names $309.00
IO-3 24" x 54" 60 Names $419.00
IO-4 48" x 36" 88 Names $489.00
IO-5 48" x 54" 132 Names $619.00
IO-6 48" x 72" 176 Names $709.00

Kits include: A Framed Magnetic Board, Magnetic Cardholders, Card Inserts (10 colors), Magnetic In/Out Discs (3 colors), Wet-Erase Marking Pens, Adhesive Letter & Number Sets, Magnetic Time Scales, and Magnetic Board Headings.

Choose your system from the chart above, based on the maximum number of names to be shown.


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