1-1/2" Horizontal Rows
Available up To 12' Wide


BHR3415 3'H x 4'W with 1-1/2" Black Rows Shown. $309.00

Data Control’s magnetic markerboards are made of the highest quality Porcelain writing surface.  Unlike others on the market they are not laminated, epoxy painted (porcelain-like), or melamine surface.  Our markerboards are used in institutional environments that require heavy use with a superior cleaning surface.  The surface can be written on with Dry-Erase Markers which erase as chalk.  All Horizontal lines are permanent. Other markers can be used but will require a damp cloth to remove the writing.  Porcelain boards will never ghost regardless of which pen is used.  In addition, the boards are magnetic and accept a variety of magnetic accessories.

Data Control’s Porcelain Magnetic Markerboards are manufactured to strict quality control standards.  They are fired to over 1000 degrees farenheit to produce a perfectly smooth surface.  The core material is 7/16” MDF with aluminum vapor barrier on the back.  Satin-Anodized aluminum frame wraps each panel for a beautiful finishing touch.  Z-style hangers are provided for easy secure mounting.  Large systems can be created by combining multiple panels using wall mounting tracks. Systems over 8' long will come in 2 matching panels with wall mounting tracks. Custom sizes are available upon request. Additional options and accessories are available as listed below.

White Magnetic 1-1/2"Horizontal Row Boards
Board Size: H x W 1-1/2" Horizontal Row Boards 1-1/2" Rows Board Price
1-1/2' x 2' BHR1815 11 $119.00
2' x 2' BHR2215 15 $159.00
2' x 3' BHR2315 15 $189.00
2' x 4' BHR2415 15 $239.00
3' x 3' BHR3315 23 $279.00
3' x 4' BHR3415 23 $309.00
3' x 5' BHR3515 23 $409.00
3' x 6' BHR3615 23 $489.00
4' x 4' BHR4415 31 $449.00
4' x 5' BHR4515 31 $509.00
4' x 6' BHR4615 31 $549.00
4' x 8' BHR4815 31 $669.00

Accessory Options Available for Magnetic Markerboards:

Full-Length Chalktray

Satin Anodized finish, this chalktray allows for storing dry-erase pens, eraser, and other accessories. Chalktray is mounted to frame of board. 2” Deep.
Part No. CHT-2 $7.95/ft

Oak Frames
Available in 2 stains and up to 10' wide boards. Specify Natural(N) or Red(R).

Add to Board Prices
Use Suffix N(Natural) or R(Red)
1-1/2' x 2' $5 4' x 4' $20.00
2' x 2' $8 4' x 5' $22.00
2' x 3' $11 4' x 6' $25.00
2' x 4' $15 4' x 8' $30.00
3' x 3' $15 4' x 10' $35.00
3' x 4' $18 5' x 6' $40.00
3' x 5' $20 5' x 8' $45.00
3' x 6' $22 5' x 10' $50.00
Oak Frame

Conference Room Cabinet

Purchase a Conference Room Cabinet for concealing board information while enhancing or matching the decor of your office space.

Dry-Erase Markers

For use on Markerboards. colorful markers dry to a powder in seconds. Wipe off with chalkboard eraser or dry cloth.
Available in Black, Blue, Red, & Green.
Not for use with wet-erase magnets.
Part No. DE101 $2.29/ea or $23.00/dz.

Dry Erase Markers

Magnetic Markerboard Eraser

Quality felt eraser won’t scratch Porcelain surface.
Removes writing fast & neat. Holds magnetically to board.
Part No. DE102 $6.59/ea
Markerboard Cleaning Kit

Keep Porcelain and other markerboard surfaces sparkling clean and ready to use! Our Custom-Formulated spray cleaner gives Dry-Erase surfaces a bright new appearance. Rich, soft chamois brings new luster to white boards. Kit includes 8oz. spray bottle of cleaner, and chamois for polishing.
Part No. CK101 $12.95
Cleaning Kit
Aluminum Wall Tracks

Aluminum Wall Tracks Allow Panels to be Removed at will. Satin anodized finish, these handy tracks allow panels to slide or lift out for rotating panel effect. Price shown includes top & bottom track combination.
Available up to 18’ long. Specify Desired Length.
Part No. WT101 $7.95/ft.
Wall Track


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